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The latest annual Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory (WID) reveals the Australian wine industry continued to rebound, driven by the value of wine exports which increased by ten per cent in 2017.

Wine grapes intake was up five per cent and grape growers enjoyed their best year in almost a decade with average prices across all varieties improving by seven per cent.

Wine producers achieved improved domestic and export sales with total revenue of the top 20 producers estimated at $3,603 billion and exports increasing to $2.3 billion.

The 36th edition WID published by Winetitles Media and released recently, shows that while the number of wine companies declined by 17 to 2377, wine grape intake rose five per cent to 1,929,630 tonnes.

The WID data also shows Australia is placed seventh wine producer in the world, again led in volume of wine produced by Accolade Wines. Treasury Wine Estates remains top of the list for total wine value (Table 1.).



Major revenues were again concentrated among the top five wine companies – Treasury Wine Estates, Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Accolade Wines, Casella Wines and Australian Vintage.

China has been the fastest growing market over the last five years, dominating export sales with growth of 44% in export value of $607mil in 2017. Exports to the United Kingdom declined by ten per cent but the UK remained Australia’s largest export market by volume.

Further details on Australia’s Top 20 ranked wine producer’s will be published in The Top 20 Australian Wine Companies report to be published in the April 2018 journal Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower and Winemaker, also published by Winetitles Media.

New Zealand

Although the New Zealand wine industry saw a slight contraction in 2017 due to weather conditions, the overall industry trend was solid with total vintages (tonnes) doubling over the last decade. New Zealand ranks 14th wine producer in the world by volume.

Wine exports value grew by six per cent to a new high of NZ$1.66 billion, with Sauvignon Blanc continuing as the most popular plantings, increasing by 5.1% to account for 60% of the New Zealand vineyard area.


The Directory

The Directory has listed all Australian wine companies who commercially sell wine every  year since 1983, making it an invaluable barometer of trends, personnel and the overall health of the industry.

The 2018 edition published in print and online, includes an updated comprehensive listing of wine producers, grapegrowers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, universities, research and education facilities, writers, wine publications, wine blogs, organisations and industry personnel.



The WID includes the Wine Industry Directory Buyers’ Guide which is also now available as an app. The benefits to users include having immediate access via a phone or tablet device to industry products and services, even when offline, plus easy navigation and hyperlinks to supplier websites.

As information evolves and new media delivery methods are developed, The Directory will continue to offer additional digital sections and information for the Australian and New Zealand industries.

Purchasers of The Directory also receive access to the WID Online, and can search listings, via Winetitles Media’s website (www.winetitles.com.au). The Directory is available from Winetitles Media for A$115.00 in Australia/New Zealand and A$175.00 overseas. (Prices include postage and includes a subscription to the online search engine).

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WID Snapshot – 2018

  • Australian grape growers enjoyed their best year in almost a decade, with the average price across all varieties improving by seven per cent to $565/tonne, the highest since 2008
  • Average grape prices increased by six per cent with reds at $691/tonne and whites at $420/tonne on average
  • The total wine grape intake increased by five per cent to 1.93 million tonnes
  • Total estimated value of Australian wine grape crush was $641 million
  • Wine producers also enjoyed much improved sales, with total revenue of the top 20 producers being an estimated $3,603 million
  • Exports lifted by ten per cent to $2.3 billion
  • Average export prices grew by three per cent to $2.97/litre FOB
  • Wine import value decreased to $748 million
  • There was a continued decline in the number of wine producers with a further loss of 17 producers in the past year, or seven per cent of total producers – this is a modest loss compared to 2016 which saw the exit of 79 companies
  • Accolade Wines remained Australia’s top wine producer by volume, while Treasury Wine Estates extended its lead as the biggest revenue earner.


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