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Australian family-owned wine brand [yellow tail] is ranked in the #1 position in Wine Intelligence’s Global Brand Power Index – a ranking based on the strength of a brand’s connection with consumers.

Published by Wine Intelligence, the Global Wine Brand Power Index measured consumer perception of more than 30 brands in each of 15 global wine markets, assessing the following brand health measures: awareness, purchase, conversion, consideration, affinity and recommendation.

[yellow tail] Shiraz TVC

[yellow tail] achieved the strongest brand score and #1 place in the Global Wine Brand Power Index – and was the only Australian wine brand in the top five.

According to Wine Intelligence, [yellow tail]’s high ranking can be attributed to the brand being the #1 most powerful brand in both the USA and Canada, as well as having consistently top 10 rankings in Australia, China, Ireland, Japan, South Korea and the UK.

“When [yellow tail] enters new markets, we always think about how we can integrate into our consumer’s lives, add enjoyment and value”


John Casella, managing director of Casella Family Brands said it was humbling for [yellow tail] to be recognised as a global power brand and it reinforced the brand’s strength and the wine’s consistent quality and taste across global markets.

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Managing Director of Casella Family Brands, John Casella


“The vision behind [yellow tail] was to make a wine that everyone could enjoy with friends and family, no matter what the occasion,” he said.

“[yellow tail] is approachable, easy-drinking, and a wine that consumers happily reach for to enjoy a second glass.

“Being recognised as the world’s #1 most powerful wine brand by consumers highlights our commitment to embracing innovation while still remaining true to [yellow tail]’s brand promise.

Libby Nutt, general manager of marketing and export sales at Casella Family Brands said the success of [yellow tail] can be credited to the brand continually challenging traditional wine category norms.

“When [yellow tail] enters new markets, we always think about how we can integrate into our consumer’s lives, add enjoyment and value,” she said.

The wine category doesn’t need to be complex or daunting and [yellow tail] offers a vibrant and approachable perspective on wine that has global consumer appeal.”

Nutt said the brand continues to connect with consumers and meet expectations across global markets.

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