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David Littleproud and Peter Doneley testing pest exclusion fencing near Longreach. davidlittleproud.com.au

On December 19 David Littleproud MP was be appointed as the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

Littleproud takes the reins from Barnaby Joyce who has changed roles in the recent cabinet re-shuffle to become Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

“He’s a very capable man. I mean he’s had 20 years’ experience in agribusiness,” said Prime Minister Malcolm Turbull. “He really does understand agriculture very well, both at a practical level and at a financial level.”

Littleproud grew up in the Queensland town of Maranoa and owns a small family business in the agriculture sector.

“He’s a very capable man. I mean he’s had 20 years’ experience in agribusiness,”


WFA Chief Executive Tony Battaglene said Littleproud had an extensive knowledge of the wine industry from his close association with growers and producers in his own electorate that includes the growing and vibrant Granite Belt region in Queensland.

“Mr Littleproud will be a strong supporter of the Australian wine industry and an excellent advocate for Australia’s agricultural industries. We look forward to working with him to continue to bring prosperity and sustainability to the Australian wine industry and its rural and regional communities,” said Battaglene.

Joyce will be taking on the new role just as the government rolls out its new $75 billion infrastructure program which he will oversee

John McVeigh will become the Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government and Bridget McKenzie who will become Minister for Sport, Rural Health and Regional Communications.

The WFA believe that rural and regional Australia will be well-served by these “outstanding representatives.”