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Image: mep.net.au

In response to changes in the ownership structure of the company and the successful expansion of its business operation MEP Instruments will change its name to Metrohm Australia and Metrohm New Zealand.

As per January 1st, 2018 the distributor of leading analytical technology solutions will be operating under the name of Metrohm – its sole parent company. The change shall reflect the close integration of the Australian and New Zealand operation under the global Metrohm brand.

Metrohm is the global market leader in the fields of titration and voltammetry, and a trend-setting innovator in ion chromatography, online analysis and laboratory automation, NIR Raman spectroscopy and electrochemical solutions for research and training.

“While our company name is changing, the core elements of the organisation will remain the same.”


MEP Instruments Australia and New Zealand was established by Metrohm Switzerland together with Anton Paar Austria nearly 20 years ago to strengthen support and service for their customer base in these countries.

The tremendous success over the past years and the enthusiastic acceptance by the scientific community in the region have led to the decision to change the name to Metrohm to reflect the commitment to the growing customer base in the region and to establish Anton Paar Australia and New Zealand as a separate entity.

“While our company name is changing, the core elements of the organisation will remain the same,” said Reto Broger, managing director of MEP.

Image: mep.net.au

Along with the name change, the company will adopt the corporate identity, including logo and visual identity of the parent Metrohm AG. The changes will be effective per January 1, 2018, from which date business activities will be undertaken with the new corporate name.

All MEP/Metrohm office addresses and phone numbers will remain the same across Australia and New Zealand.

Metrohm Australia: metrohm.com.au & mep.metrohm.com.au
Metrohm New Zealand: metrohm.nz & mep.metrohm.nz