ST LEONARDS VINEYARD, an historic winery in the Rutherglen wine region, has added some colour and intrigue to its range of compelling fortified wines with the release of three HIP SIP wines.

The first wine to launch was the Tawny in April 2016 and two more wines have recently been added to the range – HIP SIP Muscat and HIP SIP Muscadelle.

Georgie James Photography

“HIP SIP was designed to inspire consumers in a creative way on the delights of fortified wine,” said Angela Brown, St Leonards Vineyard sales and marketing director.
“Providing suggestions of how and when to enjoy fortified wine has engaged our consumers.
“The range provides the ability to enjoy the wine in a creative way.”

The concept was developed by Brown, together with Dan Murphy’s, and designed by Melbourne agency Spinach Advertising.

“The team at Spinach helped bring the concept to life and we used a local St Kilda tattoo artist to design the tattoo imagery,” Brown said.
“The bottle is a 350ml size – which was the perfect size to bring our creative to life and appeal to our target ‘millenial’ audience. The bottle was supplier by Savourglass, France. The labels were printed by Multi Colour Griffith. The bottles are hand filled and labels hand applied.”

Brown said Hip Sip had exceeded the forecast sales performance by about five times in the first year.

“The wines are at the forefront of the fortified promotional activity at two of Australia’s largest liquor retail banners – Dan Murphys and BWS . The ranging opportunities were achieved by the design and product meeting the objective of regenerating fortified wine’s appeal and bringing new consumers to the category. “

HIP SIP Muscat has aromas of raisins, candied peel and spice with notes of sweet butterscotch. HIP SIP Muscadelle has a blend of tea-leaf and spice on the palate with toffee notes. Both wines are perfect for enjoying on their own, pairing with chocolate desserts or mixed into modern and classic cocktails.