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FACEBOOK and Twitter may be known to the workplace as big, fat time-wasters but wine brands across the nation are taking advantage of these social media platforms to effectively engage with consumers at little (or no) expense. As Stephanie Timotheou reports, one global company is ticking all the right boxes.

Photo: ©Lucie Lang/123rf.com

Photo: ©Lucie Lang/123rf.com

Gone are the days of picking up a phone to have a chat with friends and family. Social media is rapidly taking over with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Tumblr and LinkedIn. Next week, next month and next year there will be even more.

As of March 2013 Facebook, the world’s number one social media site, had more than 1.11 billion users taking part in the social media whirl. And the wine industry has lapped it up, creating pages to promote brands and interact with consumers.

Grapegrower & Winemaker scoured the Facebook and Twitter cybersphere to find out which wineries have switched on and discovered Jacob’s Creek setting a hot pace with a whopping 376,000 Facebook likes as of December 2013. But while its Facebook page is pumping with so-called ‘likers’, its Twitter page – which hasn’t been around as long – has only attracted 2300 followers, almost certainly because of the way each platform is used.

Jacob’s Creek senior brand manager Hayley Bishop said the company considers social media a very important aspect of marketing and has found it to be an effective way of connecting with fans. ‘In terms of measuring our success, it’s not just about the number of ‘likes’ we get,’ Bishop said. ‘We focus on reach and engagement which includes how many people see the post and how many people like and comment in response to posts. We have seen strong results to our content and activations as well as the overall positive sentiment on the page.’

In the past financial year, Jacob’s Creek’s global page had more than 3.2 million Facebook post impressions (the number of times a post from its page was displayed on a person’s news feed). Bishop said if the local market pages were added to this figure, she expects it may have been close to double that.

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