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Photo: ©Benis Arapovic/123RF.COM

Photo: ©Benis Arapovic/123RF.COM

LANGTON’S, Australia’s leading online fine wine marketplace, is putting the nation’s finest wines on display with the launch of its sixth Classification today.

The Langton’s Classification has been updated to feature a record number (139) of Australia’s best performing and most prized wines on its latest ‘honour roll’.

Of these, 21 are in the highly sought after ‘exceptional’ category.

“We’re delighted that our biggest and best Classification is being released at a time when the Australian fine wine market is experiencing exponential growth,” Langton’s head of auctions Tamara Grischy said.

“The first Classification in 1990 featured just 34 wines and was designed to create interest and build demand in the fledgling Australian wine scene.

“Fast-forward 25 years and the Langton’s Classification has become an Australian institution.  Its development over the years highlights the evolution of, and global demand for, the nation’s dynamic and progressive ultra-fine wine scene.”

Relevant to both wine connoisseurs and novices alike, the Langton’s Classification is respected globally.

It is the barometer of Australian fine wine and has propelled wines such as Crawford River Riesling and Main Ridge Half Acre Pinot Noir onto the global stage.

Shining a light on the world-renowned Australian wine scene, the most anticipated part of the Classification’s release is its call out of the Australian wines to watch and varietals to take note of.

“As the biggest seller of Penfolds in Australia and abroad it comes as no surprise that its Grange Shiraz has once again taken the top position,” Grischy said.

“However, the Langton’s Classification has unearthed some new and different styles which are making their mark on the fine wine world.

“Our winemakers have driven the transformation of Australian Chardonnay, from bold and oaky to refined and elegant. The demand for this style is clear to see, with a number of Chardonnay wines being recognised.

“The emergence of local wine styles shows that Australian wine makers are being inspired by the past, with Sparkling Shiraz making its way back onto the Langton’s Classification.

“The popularity of that successful red-wine marriage, Grenache-Shiraz, is also clear to see. The number included in the Classification has doubled since 2010.”

Grischy said while Australia’s classic wine regions were recognised, it was exciting to see Victoria’s Rutherglen region emerging as the unchallenged capital of fortified wines.

Langton’s wines are ranked as exceptional, outstanding and excellent based on the trading habits of consumers.

This year, for the first time, no wines have been deleted, which is a testament to the Australian fine wine scene.

An online auction of all wines will launch on Thursday 15 May.

Langton’s is also taking the Classification around the country. Join the team for a unique opportunity to taste, compare and contrast more than 100 of Australia’s finest wines in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth this May and June.

For more information, to view the full Classification VI and to find particular wines through Langton’s brokerage, auctions or direct sales services, visit www.langtons.com.au.

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