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THE Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships is a new annual specialist wine competition launched by Tom Stevenson to provide consumers with the definitive annual guide to the very best Champagnes and sparkling wines in the world.

The finest Champagnes and sparkling wines are the most flexible accompaniment to food at the table and consumers are finally beginning to recognise this, yet they remain a side-show at most global competitions.

The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships is the first terroir-driven competition to embrace and respect all styles and origins of sparkling wine.

It is the first wine competition to be judged exclusively by Champagne and sparkling wine specialists which include Tom Stevenson, Essi Avellan MW and Dr Tony Jordan.

It is also the only global competition in which every judge evaluates all the wines submitted.

On average 30 per cent of wines entered into major competitions receive a bronze medal and approximately 25 per cent are commended, whereas gold and silver combined represent only 10-15 per cent.

“To deliver a clear and precise message to consumers that all the winning wines in The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships are top-top-top, we are raising the winning bar above bronze or commended level,” Stevenson said.

“We will declare only gold medal Champagnes, and gold and silver medal sparkling wines from other regions to be winners at this competition.

“With this guarantee of truly worthy win or absolute anonymity, we hope to attract the very best Champagnes and sparkling wines, including those iconic producers who rarely enter competitions.

“They literally have nothing to lose and everything to win and with only the crème de la crème as winners, consumers will rightly regard this competition as the ‘Oscars’ of the Champagne and sparkling wine world.”

Stevenson said all wines will initially be tasted by geographical provenance, thus Champagne against Champagne, Franciacorta against Franciacorta, Trentodoc against Trentodoc etc.

The gold medal wines for each style will be re-tasted within their geographical provenance to find the best in class.

All the best in class within each geographical provenance will be tasted to find the world champion for that appellation each year.

Finally all the best in class wines will be tasted by style against other geographical regions to find the international trophy winners.

See the full list of classes and trophies here: http://www.champagnesparklingwwc.co.uk/trophies.html 

The entry deadline for this competition is 12 April 2014 and the last date for receiving bottles entered is 24 April 2014.

Please contact Tom Stevenson for more information. Phone: +44 (0) 1453 811499. Email: tom@mrfizz.net.

Tom Stevenson is a subscriber to the Wine & Viticulture Journal and the Wine Industry Directory and has been for no less than 28 years.

We congratulate him on the launch of this competition, celebrating fine Champagne and sparkling wine around the world.