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Louise Fraser, Pellenc Australia managing director and Frank O’Riley, Pellenc Australia technical director, with their Optimum 890 at last night’s launch of the cutting-edge technology.

Louise Fraser, Pellenc Australia managing director and Frank O’Riley, Pellenc Australia technical director, with their Optimum 890 at last night’s launch of the cutting-edge technology.

PELLENC unveiled its next-generation harvesting machinery at a product launch held in Adelaide on Monday night.

Optimum is Pellenc’s latest in multifunction tractors and harvesters, integrating technological innovations developed exclusively by Pellenc’s internal R&D department.

At the launch Pellenc Australia technical director Frank O’Riley said one of the standout features of the new machine was its second-generation SELECTIV’ PROCESS destemming and sorting system.

O’Riley said this new range offered “optimum performance – unrivalled harvest quality, respect of the environment, working profitability and a large range of uses”.

“Staying true to the ‘multifunction’ concept, Pellenc has developed the OPTIMUM range to enable users to carry out all vineyard maintenance and harvesting work from the one tractor and corresponding attachments,” O’Riley said.

“The range of tools (pre-pruner, precision pruner, leaf remover, wire lifter etc) can attach to the tractor via a multifunction arm, as can the picking head and second generation the destemming and sorting system,” he said.

“The performance is also linked to the extreme simplicity and to the rapidity of linking and unlinking tools, which can happen in three minutes thanks to EASYCONNECT, the hydraulic mono-coupler.

“Each time the tool is changed, functions are changed automatically on the multifunction joystick and on the EASYTOUCH touch screen”.

O’Riley said the ACTIV picking head, equipped with the EASYSMART shaking system and automatic row centering, allows gentle and efficient harvesting while preserving vines.

He said the Flexible Conveyor Sorter also eliminated any risk of juice loss while maintaining berry integrity.

“The integrated destemming and sorting system achieves cleanliness in the bin up to 99.8% (measured by IVF), which is still the highest point of reference on the market,” O’Riley added.

“With this technology sorting of the harvest begins on the conveyor, allowing users to work faster while maintaining an unrivalled harvest quality in the bin,” he said.

“Pellenc has also focused on safety and user working conditions in the development of the new machine.

“The spacious cabin offers 310 degrees of exceptional field of vision and the anti-vibration pneumatic seat is equipped with presence detection, and all commands and controls are within arm’s reach of the driver’s seat.

“For example, the control of the picking head is managed quickly and simply from the cabin thanks to the EASYSMART system.

“This intuitive screen combines all operating assistance and control systems including the transfer of commands, cameras, control, hectare management etc allowing piloting of the range of tools, with ease and without fatigue.”

In regards to performance O’Riley said Pellenc has also set the bar high as the OPTIMUM is the lightest and most compact machine on the market.

With a turning angle of 95 degrees it also offers exceptional handling, allowing the user to work consecutive rows.

He said the propulsion system also benefits from the latest innovations.

“The Perkins motor responds to Tier IV Interim environmental standards and benefits from intelligent electronic management,” he said.

“The EASYCRUISE engine management system also avoids stressing the motor in difficult conditions.

“Finally, Pellenc has also worked to reduce the time and cost of maintenance. Major innovations include excellent accessibility to equipment and greasing points, as well as quick and easy cleaning.”

Pellenc Australia will be staging field trials of the machine as follows:

  • Adelaide Hills on March 20/21
  • Clare Valley on March 24/25
  • Langhorne Creek on March 27/28
  • Coonawarra on March 31/April 1
  • Central Victoria on April 3/4
  • Northern Victoria on April 7/8

Contact: Pellenc Australia. Phone: 61 8 8244 7700. Email: admin@pellenc.com.au.