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COONAWARRA Grape and Wine Inc (CGWI) has announced the release of its second bi-annual Cabernet Leaders Award.

The award, valued at $10,000, will support the recipient in travel, further education and/or a research project on an area of influence affecting Cabernet Sauvignon grown and produced in the Coonawarra wine region.

The topics proposed by past applicants encompassed all sectors of the industry and range from the growth of vines to wine production.

For the first time this year applicants with a sales and marketing background will also be encouraged to look at the marketing of Cabernet from Coonawarra.

CGWI vice president Daniel Newson commented:

“The award is a great opportunity to enhance knowledge of growing, making and marketing of Cabernet Sauvignon from Coonawarra. It will be recognition for the strength of the recipient’s proposal and current achievements in the local industry and provide a goal for many more to aspire too.”

The inaugural Cabernet Leaders Award released in 2012 saw strong industry support and a strong competition in the applications for it.

Awarded to Martin Wirper, his study took him on a journey of looking at vine health and the sustainability of Cabernet Sauvignon grown in Coonawarra.

Martin Wirper, assistant vineyard manager for Treasury Wine Estates in Coonawarra said the award is a great opportunity to explore the growing of Cabernet and its sustainability for the region as an icon variety.

Applications close on April 18 with the winner announced on May 5.

The winner will have the opportunity to present their findings at the 2nd Australian Cabernet Symposium held in late 2015.