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Mon 18 Nov

WEST AUSTRALIANS ARE familiar with Royalties for Regions but what about Royalty of Riesling?

It is the first event of its kind created by Mt Barker Wine Producers Association to celebrate and promote the Riesling variety for which Mt Barker is well-known.

Mt Barker Wine Producers Association president Kim Tyrer said Royalty for Riesling aims to promote and celebrate the Great Southern as a premium Riesling wine growing area.

“It is also a way to encourage some friendly rivalry amongst members to win the crown of best Riesling,” Tyrer said.

“The event’s focus is on Riesling and gives us all something to strive for.”

Mt Barker Wine Producers will crown the first recipient of this prestigious title on November 21 at a special ‘wine-downer’ hosted by Plantagenet Wines.

Points received by Mt Barker wineries in the Qantas Wine Show, Royal Melbourne Wine Show, Perth Royal Wine Show and the International Riesling Challenge will be tallied up to determine who has the most awarded Riesling.

“The winner will be crowned similarly to Royalties for Regions – and wear a robe and crown befitting the occasion,” she added.

“The first event is our prototype and then we plan to open it up to wineries from around the Great Southern making it an annual event.”

Contact: Mt Barker Wine Producers Association. Phone: 61 0481 112 559. Website: www.mountbarkerwines.com