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Fri 15 Nov WOW

ANGULLONG WINES HAS released two new drops during Orange Wine Week – the 2013 Angullong Sauvignon Blanc and the 2013 Angullong Pinot Grigio.

The wines were launched by Angullong owner Ben Crossing during an Orange Wine Week dinner at Tonic restaurant in the village of Millthorpe.

“Orange Wine Week was a great opportunity to show the wines,” Crossing said.

“We matched them with dishes meticulously prepared by Tonic’s owner and chef Tony Worland.

“The dinner revolved around showcasing Orange’s local seasonal produce and the wines – with their crispness and natural acidity – tied in beautifully.”

Despite the unusually warm and dry summer, Crossing said there was enough soil moisture for the vines, making the 2013 vintage one of the best.

Both the 2013 Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc were harvested in a number of pickings in order to gain the maximum flavour profile from the vineyard.

“Picking different parcels of grapes at various times has proven to add more depth of flavour to these aromatic whites,” Crossing explained.

“This gives us more options in the winery when it comes to blending the final wine.”

The Angullong vineyard is one of Orange’s most diverse – with plantings of traditional varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Shiraz as well as alternative varieties.

“We have certainly seen the growing interest in the non-traditional varieties such as Sangiovese, Barbera and Tempranillo,” he added.

“We get a constant flow of visitors through our cellar door in Millthorpe and the interest in these wines is very strong.”

Contact: Ben Crossing. Phone: 0428 586 802. Email: ben@angullong.com.au